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Enigma Cave


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The Enigma Cave

Please be patient while the Enigma Cave loads, if you see a white screen below, and not the game, give the page a few moments, the proper loading screen will appear shortly. 

 Cave Jumping is a dangerous sport! It requires, agility, awareness and unmeasured skill, but none of this deters Cave-Fran from surmounting epic heights! Journey into the Enigma Cave where adventure awaits you, you can compete against thousands of other players, encounter strange creatures,and enjoy a lovable journey that will draw you back again and again.



Use the Mouse or Arrow Keys to move (Toggle between the two using "K" key on the keyboard)

Throw Rocks to kill monsters by either clicking or pressing "SPACEBAR"

Avoid Monsters, and try to land on platforms to reach the highest point possible 

For further instruction see the "INSTRUCTION" tab off of the main menu