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Hi everyone, and welcome to ROZ Games. RoboSlave now finished, published, and sponsored by! We had a couple kinks in the system but now everythings firing on all cylinders again, and thank heavens for that! With the finish of RoboSlave I'll be moving away from Flash and my beloved AS3, and will begin development in JavaScript with HTML5, lots of potential with HTML5 including crosssystem applications, I'm excited. Hopefully we'll get to show you the release of my next project Happy Taco in the near future, or maybe even Stranded. We'll see.




ROZ Games is my website showcasing my games and art as a developer. Currently I'm a Flash developer using ActionScript 3 to create my games. I've currently got three projects released for Flash,

Anyways enjoy the site as I build it, and if you ever have any ideas, questions, concerns, or especially custom work that you are wanting to have done. Email me at [email protected] and I can give you a quote.

NOTE: If you haven't played Enigma Cave and liked Enigma Space check the Enigma Cave tab out!