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Book Post: Reality is Broken

Posted by Michael Patterson on November 14, 2014 at 8:10 PM

The book I read was called Reality is Broken, I obtained permission to read this book from Professor Dougal although it was not on the book list given to us. 

Every day the world collectively plays millions of hours of video games. The virtual soldiers piloted by the gamers of the world outnumber any of the collective armies on planet Earth. Jane McGonigal in her book “Reality is Broken” studies the positive effects of video games on humans and how we can apply gaming principles to make the real world better. I found this book extremely interesting, as a video game designer myself, I was extremely invested in learning what makes a good game good. I was also very excited behind the ideas of gameifying things in real life to make them more exciting. I’d love to make a game that motivates people to read their scriptures daily, and keep up with the spiritual things we forget to make time for. Using what we have learned from the virtual world to improve our real world is a wonderful and commendable idea. Reality is Broken does a fantastic job at giving a peek at the potential for improvement in: work, school, home and family through the principles in successful video games.

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Reply Abe
8:09 PM on November 15, 2014 
Video games get attacked for wasting time and exposing people to dangerous ideas, and personally I believe that games deserve a lot of those criticisms. But I don't think that means the methodology is flawed, just that there need to be more people producing worthwhile content. The fact that games are so popular is the reason why they can be so successful at making a real difference in society if we want them to.
Reply Thomas Hansen
3:30 PM on December 3, 2014 
That's an interesting idea of gamifying things in real life. However, I think if I read the scriptures because of a game it would less of a positive impact on my life. In kind to the idea that if we have to do good things, it doesn't profit us, I feel that if we do good things merely because of a game, we will get less benefit from it. Just my thoughts though.