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Thank You Google

Posted by Michael Patterson on October 30, 2014 at 1:00 AM

"Yes, Bank of America took my home. Yes, Taco Bell gave me diarrhea. And sure, GM tried to kill me. But Time Warner [Cable] and Comcast are the worst. They are the worst." - John Oliver


Early this summer John Oliver spoke on evils of the cable company. This year however has brought wonderful changes in the internet. Google got bored and decided to offer internet that is 100 times faster than what Comcast is currently pumping into my house. To make things even more amazing they are giving free internet equivalent at speeds Comcast will charge you $20/month. Like every other citizen of Provo, I signed up for the free internet. Although I am still waiting in line for the installation of my magical free internet, Google has changed the world. According to the article I read, a nationwide increase of over 10% has occurred this year in internet speeds. More ISP's have emerged to provide competing service, and multi-billion dollar Comcast actually felt threatened enough to start researching faster internet. Thank you Google, now please install my fiber before Christmas.


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Reply anna
9:47 PM on October 30, 2014 
I really like when someone does something like that and breaks this unspoken agreement between companies to charge a lot and not strife to do better
Reply Tyler Dawson
11:54 AM on October 31, 2014 
Agreed, it really did shake up the market. I think the biggest impact of Google Fiber is the competition it has created, which leads to companies lowering prices and trying harder to satisfy customers.
Reply Steven Carroll
8:21 PM on November 8, 2014 
I think the internet should be free. What is the internet if not a connection between computers and servers all across the globe? Being so, how can one person claim to own the internet? If no one can claim ownership of such a large web, how can someone charge for access? In my opinion, Google is starting to do things right. I understand that most people don't have the means to connect to the internet without going through a company like Time Warner and Comcast - they're doing a service. But the fee is not for setup; it is a subscription to what should be free by its nature.