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Posted by Michael Patterson on October 20, 2014 at 11:55 PM

Clif Stoll did a fantastic job recounting his experience chasing a hacker. Through his book he presented the frustration of perpetually going nowhere. The reader is put through a similar experience as they anticipate for nearly 200 pages for an anticlimatic finish. At around the 50 page mark I remember thinking there would be no way the author could stay on the same routine for the rest of the book. I was wrong. Cliff somehow stretched his story out nearly as far as the hacker danced around him. I'll shutup on the issue of the book being redundnat and stop forcing the TA to read an equally redundant blog post. The insight on the dawn of the computer age where EMACS was still new and UNIX ruled the world was a unique expereince. I felt like a child in a digital world that is indeed much older than me. 

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Reply Rachel
12:05 AM on October 24, 2014 
I like that you mention how he felt as though he was stuck in standstill for quite a bit of the book. I had the same thought as you about how the rest of the book would continue when it was already at a dead end of sorts. It makes me curious about if this scenario would have happened today if anyone would have bothered to trace the hacker as much as Stoll did; personally, I think our generation is not good at patience and even worse at bothering to document activities so I am not sure it would have had as happy an ending.